BOX ID enables industrial and logistics companies to track their Reusable Transport Packages (RTP – e.g., containers, transport racks) throughout the supply chain to create both in- and outdoor visibility across any number and type of sites, (third-party) premises as well as during transportation globally to optimize its supply chain management. BOX ID solution integrates with current ERP, TMS systems. This ensures availability, prevents shrinkage, and increases the utilization of mobile assets.


Technology remains a source of competitive advantage for supply chain organizations worldwide. Over the last couple of years, the global logistics network has been afflicted by challenges such as asynchronous lockdowns and unexpected supply chain bottlenecks. At the same time, customers are expecting quicker shipments. More digitization is therefore key and need for productivity improvements is the number one investment trigger for companies that manage supply chains in all forms and sizes. Companies are opting for Reusable Transport Packages (RTP – e.g., containers, transport racks) as it reduces waste, lowers costs associated with single-use packaging and enhances supply chain efficiency. BOX ID is ideally positioned to help companies in pursuing these productivity improvements. Numerous companies from industry, automotive manufacturing and logistics are therefore already among the customers of the innovative logistics digitizers from Munich.


The BOX ID solution will be an important addition for KPN IoT customers in the manufacturing and logistics industry.




Wolfgang Vogl (CEO & Founder), Dominik Buchinger (CTO & Co-founder), Shawn Silberhorn (COO & Co-founder)

Based in

Munich (GER)


HTGF, Bayern Kapital, Wille AG, various Angel Investors


Cloud Services, Internet of Things