Perlego is on a bold mission to make education available to all, with accessibility, affordability and sustainability at its core. Perlego is the world’s largest online educational content subscription service for students, aggregating the content of majority of the global publishers through an all-you-can-read subscription model.


The market for educational content seems to undergo similar disruption as the music and subsequently the TV & movie industry have undergone more than a decade ago. Perlego, is a new (but prominent) entrant to an industry that is still dominated by traditional players. Traditionally, they supply expensive, physical textbooks to a generation that has grown up with mobile devices and subscription models like Spotify and Netflix. Perlego offers its so-called ‘all-you-can-read’ subscription model to students – either directly (B2C) or indirectly via universities and higher education institutions (B2B2C). It offers unlimited access to over 1,000,000 curriculum relevant textbooks and built-in study tools. These are available on any device, anywhere, and anytime to its subscribers for a monthly fee.


Perlego will be a great addition to KPN´s portfolio in the Consumer Market including Netflix, Spotify and Disney+.





Gauthier van Malderen (Founder & CEO), Matt Davis (CTO & Co-founder)

Based in

London (UK)


Mediahuis Ventures, Accelerated digital, Raine Ventures, Evli, multiple publishers and several exceptional business angels

Mobile/OTT Services