Qollabi’s mission is to connect companies & teams to collaborate on joint action plans making them more productive & successful. This is becoming increasingly relevant given that today 70% of world trade flows indirectly (Forrester, 2021).


To do so, Qollabi has developed a dynamic Business Relationship Management (BRM) software tool which makes partner & account plans work better. Qollabi’s cloud platform creates an ecosystem for business relationships to enable partner sales managers to plan and collaborate with their sales partners, as well as to gain insights on winning playbooks and best practices. Qollabi’s platform offers a solution to integrate different sources of information relevant to partnership management into a single source of truth.


Qollabi’s added value can be summarized in three pillars:

  • Efficiency – in partnership management & onboarding
  • Transparency & Grip – for the customers’ organization & between their partners
  • Commitment & Accountability – between partners in the ecosystem



Frie Pétré

Based in

Brussels, Belgium & New York City, United States


KPN Ventures, PMV, Angelwise, Partnership Leaders, Business Angels

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