RangeForce enables security & IT managers to track, train and upskill their workforce through training modules and realistic simulations/scenarios via its cyber defense readiness SaaS-platform.


Today’s cyber security market compared to ten years ago underwent major transitions on multiple levels. One factor remains a consistent challenge: the human factor. Although solutions are more and more advanced and more automated, security teams will always be needed and must be better than attackers, especially when dealing with increasingly advanced and zero-day (unknown vulnerability) attacks.


RangeForce offers a development platform that is focused on gaining cyber skills ‘by doing’ for individuals and teams. A unique combination that allows CISOs and heads of security teams to assess their teams, spot gaps in knowledge and skills, provide individual learning paths, team exercises and help assessing new hires. The modules and exercises are constantly updated to provide a broad range of relevant topics (e.g., phishing, ransomware) and tooling (e.g., SentinelOne, Elastic, Splunk). The environment is easily accessed via every web browser and provides realistic simulations. The solution is very cost efficient compared to competitors in the skills development space but also compared to institutes and cyber ranges.


RangeForce will be an important tool for both KPN employees as well as KPN’s (larger) business customers.




Taavi Must (Co-founder & CEO), Margus Ernits (Co-founder & CTO)

Based in

Norfolk, Virginia (USA) and Tallinn (Est)


KPN Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, Paladin Capital Partners, Cisco and more.

Cyber Security